About Wasted Food for Meal Time Box

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You've seen food waste. You know this cleaning out forgotten veggies in the back of your fridge. You know this coming home to find mushy fruits after buying them right before a work trip. But that's only a portion of all the food waste that happens.

You're probably aware of America's food waste issue, but you may not know its true scale, extent, and impact. All along the food supply chain, food is lost at every level of the system before it reaches you. This is the part that you don't usually see, unless you work in it. To solve our food waste issue in which 40% of the food produced goes uneaten, we have to fix food loss at both the supply and consumer stages. As a manufacturer who is part of this system, we see an opportunity and responsibility to review how we do business. We found ways to maximize our ingredient use by examining our recipes, production planning, and purchasing. But we can do more.

This year, we have taken on a new mission to redesign our entire Meal Time Box business to become a company that makes a difference in cutting wasted food. We want to prevent unsold food from going the easier, cheaper landfill route, and instead, use them to create high-quality, delicious food products with a new purpose.

As a customer of our premium products, you become a route for surplus food to be repurposed. This not only lessens the demand for resources to produce new foods, but also reduces the amount of organic waste going to landfills.

We look forward to kicking off many exciting products from our lab kitchen this year. And we hope you'll join us too!