"I believe the service exceeded expectations on most fronts. For those with little time to prep a good meal, or those still learning their way around the kitchen, Meal Time Box provides a way to ensure that you're getting a quality meal with little hassle." Read More

"I['m] usually a little skeptical about meals that come precooked in the frozen food aisle but I was really surprised at Meal Time Box. When I held up the packets, I told myself…”This isn’t enough food” but guess what? It is! It’s actually more food than the meal kit subscriptions I have reviewed like Blue Apron, HelloFresh, Plated, and GreenChef. The best part is that it’s healthy (e.g. low sodium, low sugars, minimal grease, etc.) I pay about $9 per meal when I go out to eat but this saves a lot of time (e.g. cooking, prepping, waiting in line, driving, traffic, etc.) I had to split my servings for several of the meals because it was a lot of food! What’s also great is that I can freeze the meals (up to 6 months long)." Read More

"The food was stacked so neatly — it looked like they took great pains to keep the food looking neat and tasty... Baked Penne:  Beautiful!  This lasagna-esque penne dish had a lovely sauce with big chunks of hamburger and fresh basil.  We loved it, and it came in huge servings. I was impressed by the great flavor of the sauce — we could taste the wine in it!Read More

" Our family enjoyed Meal Time Box and honestly, it was a lifesaver that week. Things were so hectic that I didn’t have time to make any meals from scratch, so I was very relieved to have these meals ready to go....The portions are very generous and I was able to split some of the meals between the boys, so we were able to get even more meals out of it. Meal Time Box is a very convenient and reasonably price meal subscription box that is the perfect solution for busy families." Read More

" I really enjoyed this subscription. The food was great and I didn’t have to cook. This was the easiest meal subscription box that I have tried. I really didn’t know what to expect from the dinners after microwaving, but they turned out great and my husband had no idea I just used a microwave. This is a great subscription to have on hand for quick dinners, or to bring to work for your lunch" Read More

" We really enjoyed all the meals.  It was real food, prepared nicely, and super-easy to reheat.  All the dishes and component ingredients fared well with both freezing and reheating. The flavors were also very great — everything was seasoned gently and had a mild flavor, making them suitable for a wide range of palates. The servings were plentiful, too — we were able to split each of the meals into two modest, but satisfying meals. We loved that you didn’t have to add anything to the meals. The only thing we did add was some sour cream and hot sauce to the last meal!" Read More

"Meal Time Box is a little more expensive than the frozen meals you typically find at the grocery store, but they taste much better and seem to be much healthier." Read More

" Super convenient meals for a really competitive price. Perfect for those who crave a home cooked meal but are too busy (or lazy, like me) to prep and cook one."
~ William K.

" As far as taste goes, these meals have far exceeded my expectations. I personally do not like reheating any type of meat in the microwave (weird taste) so I was very skeptical about a lot of the meals offered by Meal Time Box. It was shocking how tasty and fresh the meals were as everything managed to taste as if was home cooked. In no way do the meats taste like they were just microwaved. In addition to the meats, the sides of vegetables, rice, beans, and/or potatoes all come of tasting great. My favorite meals so far have been the Stewed Chicken (with rice and black beans), Roast Pork (with potatoes and asparagus), and the Jambalaya!"
~ Matt Z.

" I spent an entire year in Massachusetts eating a single box of lean cuisine a day because I was bad at portioning and had a small kitchen so I ended up just stockpiling frozen foods and eating them whenever I was hungry. Meal Time Box was made for people just like me back then who wanted a full meal without the hassle of cooking or going out to eat."
~ Asher, CratePlease

" What sets Mealtime Box apart from a run of the mill TV dinner?  The answer is simple – with a run of the mill TV dinner, you are not only consuming “food”, you are consuming preservatives and all sorts of stuff you can’t even pronounce.  With Mealtime Box, you are consuming no preservative, no ingredients you can’t pronounce – just nutritious, convenient food."
~ Misty, Mysterious Ramblings