Bun Belly: Craft Cat Food (Box of 12)

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Craft Cat Food by Meal Time Box

12 x 8 oz. mason jars

About the Product: Grain-free. No chicken by-product meal. No fillers. No preservatives. Made from people-grade proteins, using whole meats selected by us and ground in house. Nutritional supplements added for happy, healthy BFFs.

Ingredients: Fine Ground Bone-In Chicken, Beef, Pork, Water, Chicken Liver, Egg, Fish Oil (Omega-3), Vitamin B-Complex, Vitamin E, Taurine

Instructions: Feed 1 jar daily, two meals a day, per 6-8 lbs body weight. Replace lid and refrigerate unused portion.

Product Description: Bun Belly Cat Food is our first product made from surplus human food. We inspect, select, and obtain unsold meats from grocery stores and wholesalers. Sourced from the human food supply chain, the meats are much higher quality than the typical animal ingredients that end up in commercial pet food. There are no empty calories from grains and other fillers. And we do not use chicken by-product meal, which comes from rendered by-products of chicken processing. Try Bun Belly today and treat your cat to real, healthy food!


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